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Thanks to the talented Claton Butcher, we now offer audio books, all voiced and produced him in his South Dakota studio. Claton is a rising star. We’re fortunate to work with him.

The first ten audio books are featured here.

Jim Dobkins, Sebastian (Sam) DiGiovanni, and Jim Porter

... are the lead writers for Ghostwriters U.S.  Samples of their writings are at  All three write nonfiction, novels and film scripts. 

Shelley Ballard

... is progressing nicely on the third book in Tinker Trilogy: The Tinkers’ War. This trilogy is an allegory for the ages. Anyone who reads the epic confrontation between Carl and Clovis in Book One: The Tinker of Petros, will never forget it. One of the most powerful Good vs. Evil confrontations in literature.

Sam and Hydie DiGiovanni

... have written the first book in the Anodes Diner  series. It will release in 2017 and is being considered as a possible TV series.  Logline: Every table in Anodes Diner  has stories to tell and Nora knows them all. 

Sam, separately, is well along in writing the first book in the nine-book Purgatory Asylum series. Logline for the proposed TV series: Dr. Lilith and the Seven Deadly Sins battle forces of Good for the soul of a comatose soldier in Purgatory Asylum.

Russ Miller and Jim Dobkins

Three of their books in the GENESIS Heritage Report series – The Theft of America’s Heritage; Darwinian Delusion; and 371 Days That Scarred Our Planet – are in 4th printing.

Claton Butcher

Claton Butcher, Claton's Voice

​​​What types of books do you like to read?


Then consider Dr. Larry Waldman’s child-raising classic, Who’s Raising Whom? A Parent’s Guide to Effective Child Discipline.  


Want to make your marriage the best it can be?  Follow Dr. Waldman’s advice in How come I love him but can’t live with him?   His Nine Rules for a good marriage are priceless.

True Crime

Winnie Ruth Judd: The Trunk Murders The Classic Edition is the most notorious murder case in Arizona’s history.   Mrs. Judd’s 1932 murder trial was one of two Depression Era trials called the “Trial of the century” – the other being the Lindbergh baby kidnapping trial.   The book’s original edition, published in 1973 by Grosset & Dunlap, was nominated for Crime Book of the Year, and was a Doubleday Bargain Book Club bestseller in October 1973 when over 60,000 print units were sold. Co-authored by J. Dwight Dobkins and Robert J. Hendricks.

Machine-Gun Man by George “Machine-Gun” Kelly as told to Jim Dobkins and Ben Jordan.

My boss was the BTK killer by Mary Capps with Jim Dobkins. Multiple producers are checking out the film script in progress, The Next Victim, inspired by the book. Mary has been interviewed on eight national talk shows and on the debut show of ID TV’s Who The Bleep Horrible bosses.


Swimming at Villa Hugo by Mary Hanford is an unforgettable read. Memoirs of an American girl in Post-World War II Germany.

The Peach Tree Limb by Jim Dobkins is in 4th printing.   About the UCS PRESS founder’s adventures as a boy who lived with eight different sets of parent substitutes, including two foster homes, by the time he was in 8th grade. His father married five times and served six prison terms.


The three-part, masterpiece of a saga – Retreat From Rostov by bestselling author Paul Hughes – was a Random house bestseller in 1943. Although an epic novel, it provides incredible insight into what then was the biggest battle in world history via civilians and military personnel on both sides of the German-Russian conflict.   TIME Magazine called it a World War II novel with “enough melodrama to burn out every fuse in Hollywood.”

The Cross and the Crescent by the great Armenian historian Lindy V. Avakian, is a powerful telling from Soghomon Tehlirian’s viewpoint of the Armenian Holocaust in Turkey.

The Hunting Season by Herbert Russcol with Nancy Oehmich-Russcol is a docu-drama based on historical fact. Palestine 1945-1948. The real story from Menachem Begin’s viewpoint.


We believe Love’s Fragile Flame by Phyllis Caggiano is one of the most dramatic, inspiring, historical novels. Be sure to also read the sequel, Love’s Pilgrimage.

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