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and launch of our Audio Books Division.

Audio Books

Founded in 1987, at UCS PRESS we’ve always taken pride in producing good books that entertain, inform and inspire.

Earlier we added e-books. Now we’re introducing our first 10 audio books. All are voiced and produced by the talented Claton Butcher in his South Dakota studio. Claton is a rising star. We’re fortunate to work with him.

Claton Butcher, Claton's Voice

Our First 10 Audio Books

Four by psychologist Larry Waldman,
including his signature work,

The other Waldman audio books:

Four audio books are adapted from books written by Russ Miller with Jim Dobkins:

The other two audio books:


  • Night of the Nokozjumi: Pa-ga-thoo-gool is on pace to finish the first book in the Lisa Trent suspense/thriller series, Night of the Nokozjumi, Bigfoot adventure that takes place in the Middle East, but mainly in Oklahoma.
  • Anodes (pronounced A-nod-us) Diner series: The husband/wife team of Sebastian and Hydie DiGiovanni have completed Book One of the projected seven-book Anodes (pronounced A-nod-us) Diner series. Somewhere out there between Twilight Zone and Outer Limits.
  • Assylum Chronicles series: Sebastian has begun writing Book One in the nine-book Assylum Chronicles series. Do you really want to go to sleep in the Assylum run by Lilith and the Seven Deadly Sins?
  • The Worlds of Noah by Brock Lee will contain two books by Brock: Antediluvia, about life and planet conditions in the Pre-Flood World; also, Exdiluvia, about life and planet conditions in the Post-Flood World. Brock and Jim Dobkins are developing a documentary script, The Worlds of Noah. Goal is for the documentary and companion mass market paperback edition to release simultaneously in summer 2016.
  • Marilyn Monroe, Nancy Grace, and the FBI: Jim Dobkins is writing a book, Marilyn Monroe, Nancy Grace, and the FBI. Based on the author’s personal experiences, he discusses behind-the-scenes events, usually not known by the public, that can cause a book to be a bestseller, or cause a book not to be a bestseller.
  • The Eleventh Victim: Jim Dobkins also is writing a script, The Eleventh Victim, inspired by the true crime book My boss was the BTK killer by Mary Capps with Jim Dobkins.

We will keep you in the loop about happenings involving current and future books in print, digital, and audio editions.

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