Into God’s Country

by Eric Stogner with Jim Dobkins​​

Subtitle:   Dreams and Visions show a Believer’s passage to Heaven.

Georgia Man Writes Book To Help People Conquer
​Their Fear Of Dying.

Stogner had an incredible dream in which an angel assured him that his cancer-stricken wife, Katie, was soon going to Heaven. He then heard from other people – some of whom he did not know – who told him of dreams and visions they experienced about Katie, one of which was an account of Jesus dancing with Katie in Heaven.

Stogner’s personal dream changed his perception of God from a master inventor who got the gears running like earth was a giant clock then stepped away to let the clock run its course to a God who is in and cares about the details of our lives.

He has a serious sense of urgency to tell – and assure through his own experience – that people do not need to fear death. He is at peace with God and life. Until he had his dream, he believed “things like that only happened way back in Bible times. Now I know things are happening all around us all the time in the spirit world. I can’t tell you the number of Divine interruptions in my life since my dream.”


We Got The Books

watch Pete Dechat's testimony of how God brought him through the fire at

Through the Fire: The True Story of a 21st Century Job

by Pete Dechat 

Pete Dechat is a 21 st Century Job. On July 10, 2007, a Nascar plane crashed into his neighbor’s home, killing a young mother and her son, and both pilot and passenger in the plane. The fuel tank broke loose from the plane, crashed into Pete’s home and exploded. His four-year-old daughter Gabi died. Pete got seriously burned trying to find and rescue her.

People tell him how lucky he is to be alive. He knows different. “God brought me through the fire.” 


What kind of books do you like to read?


Consider Dr. Larry Waldman’s child-raising classic, Who’s Raising Whom? A Parent’s Guide to Effective Child Discipline.  


Want to make your marriage the best it can be? Follow Dr. Waldman’s advice in How come I love him but can’t live with him? His Nine Rules for a good marriage are priceless.

True Crime

We’ve got you covered with Winnie Ruth Judd: The Trunk Murders The Classic Edition. Co-authored by J. Dwight Dobkins and Robert J. Hendricks.

Also, Machine-Gun Man by George “Machine-Gun” Kelly as told to Jim Dobkins and Ben Jordan.

And My boss was the BTK killer by Mary Capps with Jim Dobkins. 


Swimming at Villa Hugo by Mary Hanford is an unforgettable read. Memoirs of an American girl in Post-World War II Germany.

The Peach Tree Limb by Jim Dobkins is in 4th printing. About the UCS PRESS founder’s adventures as a boy who lived with eight different sets of parent substitutes, including two foster homes, by the time he was in 8th grade. His father married five times and served six prison terms.


The three-part, masterpiece of a saga – Retreat From Rostov by bestselling author Paul Hughes – was a Random house bestseller in 1943. Although an epic novel, it provides incredible insight into what then was the biggest battle in world history via civilians and military personnel on both sides of the German-Russian conflict. TIME Magazine called it a World War II novel with “enough melodrama to burn out every fuse in Hollywood.”

The Cross and the Crescentby the great Armenian historian Lindy V. Avakian, is a powerful telling from Soghomon Tehlirian’s viewpoint of the Armenian Holocaust in Turkey.
The Hunting Season by Herbert Russcol with Nancy Oehmich-Russcol is a docu-drama based on historical fact. Palestine 1945-1948. The real story from Menachem Begin’s viewpoint.


Through the Fire:  The True Story of a 21st Century Job by Pete Dechat.  People tell him how lucky he is to be alive. He knows different. “God brought me through the fire.” 

Into God’s Country by Eric Stogner with Jim Dobkins:  Dreams and Visions show a Believer’s passage to Heaven.  Georgia Man Writes Book To Help People Conquer Their Fear Of Dying.

We believe Love’s Fragile Flame by Phyllis Caggiano is one of the most dramatic, inspiring, historical romance novels. Be sure to also read the sequel, Love’s Pilgrimage.

GENESIS Heritage Report series – The Theft of America’s Heritage; Darwinian Delusion; The Submerging Churchand 371 Days That Scarred Our Planet– are in 4th printing. Authors Russ Miller and Jim Dobkins

Tinker Trilogy by Shelley Ballard.  An allegory for the ages.  Book One: The Tinker of Petros  is available for purchase, as is Book Two: The Tinker's Apprentice. The author is writing Book Three: The Tinkers' War.  
Anyone who reads the epic confrontation between Carl and Clovis in The Tinker of Petros, will never forget it. One of the most powerful Good vs. Evil confrontations in literature.

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In July 2007, Pete was burned on 96% of his body. 

  • They said he would not live. 
  • They said he would not see. 
  • They said he would not walk. 
  • They were wrong.
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