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To be known for exceptional customer service
and to provide a quality product in return for a fair price. 

Owners, Jim & Marti Dobkins

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Ebook editions: Available at Amazon Kindle, via Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Online Store, Sony, Diesel, Kobo Online Store, Stanza, and Smashwords.​


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UCS PRESS launched in 1987 with the first printing of Larry Waldman's child-raising classic, Who's Raising Whom? A Parent's Guide to Effective Child Discipline. Now in its 6th printing, it remains relevant.

We try to consistently live up to our slogan:


We publish books that inform, entertain, and change lives. Several of our current and planned-for titles are generating interest as possible TV movies, Big Screen films, documentaries, and TV series.

Stay tuned to this web site. We believe 2017 will be a breakout year.

Jim and Marti Dobkins



​We launched www.GhostwritersUS.com in October 2016. We believe everyone has a story to tell. Check out the web site. We’ll be happy to discuss with you how we can be of help should you want your story to become reality. The web site features writing samples of the lead ghostwriters, Jim Dobkins, Jim Porter, and Sam DiGiovanni.

Ebook Formatting

Marti Dobkins has formatted all of the ebooks that appear on this site and has many clients worldwide. Contact her at iformat4u@aol.com.

Your MS Word document will be formatted for:
  • Apple

  • Barnes & Noble

  • Amazon Kindle

  • Kobo

  • Smashwords

  • and more!

Included with formatting:
  • Guaranteed Smashwords Premium Catalog approval
  • Linked table of contents 
  • Your author bio
  • A list of other books you’ve written
  • How to connect with you
  • Sample chapter from one of your other books
  • Correct cover sizing
  • Tips for the next steps to get published

Turnaround time: 7 to 10 days

Contact Marti Dobkins at: iformat4U@aol.com to get started!


From a Victoria, B.C. client:
"Marti turned a simple word file into a professionally constructed e-book that is now selling on Smashwords and which instantly achieved premium status. I would highly recommend her services to anyone with the conversion process of their e-book - especially as a first time author.” 

From a Seattle, WA client:
“Marti provided valuable assistance with my eBook project and helped guide me through some layout issues that were holding things up. She is easy to work with and her rates are quite reasonable. I will certainly lean on her expertise the next time around.”

From a client in Texas:
“Marti did a great job of formatting my book for Smashwords.com. She is diligent and very easy to work with - I recommend her to anyone who needs such work done in a timely fashion.”

From a client in the UK:
"Thank you very much for all your hard work and support in the conversion of my book. I am very pleased with the results and recommend you to other authors. You have been, patient, helpful, informative, friendly, and above all, professional in your attitude and approach when dealing with my manuscript."

From another client in the UK:
"I choose Marti to format my eBooks from the list on the Smashwords Blog. I did not know anything about her and how pleased I am that I did choose her. As a complete novice I hadn't got an idea how to go about the business of publishing an eBook. I am not technically minded and was at a loss in so many ways. I need not have worried. With Marti's help the whole procedure flowed easily from beginning to end. Now I have two eBooks on Smashwords which I uploaded myself and learned new words along the way; like dashboards and lightboxes and many more. Thank you so much Marti, I really couldn't have done it without you."