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The Hunting Season

by Herbert Russcol with Nancy Oehmich-Russcol

A Docu-Drama based on historical fact, Palestine 1945-1948. This is a “politically incorrect” work by deceased author Herbert Russcol—“politically incorrect” because it presents the oftentimes brutal events of 1945-1948 Palestine from the viewpoint of Menachem Begin. Although he had worked for David Ben-Gurion’s Haganah, he came to have greater respect for Menachem Begin than he had for the paranoia-prone Ben-Gurion. He knew full well that it was Begin—not Ben-Gurion—who finally provoked the occupying British to retreat from Palestine. Russcol relays the truth about what really happened in those tumultuous years when Jews hunted down other Jews. 

ISBN 978-0-943247-05-2
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