Larry Waldman, Ph.D.

Here's what Dr. Larry Waldman says about his fifth book: "My objective with this book is to help you achieve your life goals using accepted tenets of the four schools of psychology. I urge you to take action. Don’t Wait For Your Ship to Come In. Swim Out to It. Let me know of your successes. The tools you need are in this book." 

ISBN 978-0-943247-63-2

Price: $14.95

the graduate course you

never had

Mary Capps with Jim Dobkins

Mary Capps has recovered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome – the result of finding out that her boss, Dennis Rader, was the BTK (Bind Torture Kill) serial killer. "I truly was Dennis Rader’s next victim even if he never physically abused, tortured, and strangled me. As you will find out in this book, there are very valid reasons for me to believe that he was indeed considering me as a future project as he called his murder victims," said author Mary Capps. 

ISBN 978-0-943247-09-0
Price: $14.95

Sale:  $8.97

J. Dwight Dobkins and Robert J. Hendricks

The true story of the most incredible murderess of the 20th century and the strange events after, 1931-1972. A slice of Phoenix, AZ history is dramatically captured here. The historic account of one of the most infamous murder cases and trials of the past century. In fact, the trial was one of two Depression Era trials that were termed “The trial of the century,” the other being the Lindbergh baby murder trial. With new material and revelations never before made public while containing the entire text of the first book published about Winnie Ruth Judd and the “Trunk Murders.”

ISBN 978-0-943247-74-8
Price: $14.95

Sale:  $8.97

Paul Hughes

Part Three - November 25 through December 7, 1941. Paul Hughes stormed onto the literary scene with Random House’s 1943 release of Retreat From Rostov, an incredible World War II melodramatic novel presentation of viewpoints from military participants, civilians and war correspondents on the famous battle which saw Hitler’s armies defeated for the first time.

ISBN 978-0-943247-40-3
Price: $14.95

Shelley Ballard

The Saga Continues. At the end of Book One: The Tinker of Petros, good tinker Carl had battled evil tinker Clovis, taking Clovis' tools and imprisoning him in a deep crevice outside the boundaries of The Land. In The Tinker's Apprentice, Book Two of The Tinker Trilogy, the plot quickly thickens. Paison finds out he is Apprentice No. 13. How will Paison and his friends stop Clovis from escaping from the pit and pouring out his wrath on The Land? Why is the evil Amon so interested in the woodcutter? Will Paison and Maddie fall in love?

ISBN 978-0-943247-43-4

Price: $11.95

Suzanne Sawyer Vincent

The Bible, God's love letter to us, has the answers to key questions: Where did we come from? Who created our world and the universe? And how was it created? Fewer of us in today's world look for answers inside the book as we've sold out to the "scientific" approach of today. It is an approach that has lost the objective search for truth to which the founders of scientific fields adhered.  Find real truth in these pages.

ISBN 978-0-943247-80-9

Price: $14.95

Mona Morstein

Relevations of Sherlock and Mycroft's childhood keep pouring from the mouth of the aged butler Brewster. The old man lays bare the childhoods of the two precocious lads like deftly picking layers from an onion. But why is there such a web of secrecy that Josiah Cobbett has to contend with? Why at times did he seem to catch a foreboding feeling simmering within Brewster? Does he know something no one wants him to know? Yet on the journey of Brewster painting an extraordinary verbal portrait of the boys, their father and mother, Josiah knows he will get rich from the book he envisions. But the Holmes family was always cursed by tragedy. Will that curse envelope Josiah?

ISBN 978-0-943247-45-8
Price: $14.95 

No Gap. No Chaos. Answers for Creation Ex Nihilo Naysayers.

Survive Your Tour in Peace & War

Sebastian DiGiovanni

Rules of an intelligence agent:  Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counter accusations. Demand proof. 

The good news... If you survive your tour, by God’s Grace, you’ll have stories to tell your grandkids. This special report is an unofficial military guide crammed with valuable tips on how to adapt to military life, especially in combat zones. 

​ISBN 978-0-943247-58-8
Price: $8.95

Too Busy Earning a Living to Make Your Fortune?

George “Machine-Gun" Kelly as told to Jim Dobkins & Ben Jordan

Was the mystery man "John H. Webb" indeed the infamous Machine-Gun Kelly? Many people who knew him believed it to be so. Read this fascinating account as told by the man claiming to be Machine-Gun Kelly and decide for yourself if he was the real deal. Or an imposter who channeled George Kelly so well that he took on his same physique and appearance. And why were the Feds so bent on his story not being told on Unsolved Mysteries? 

ISBN 978-0-943247-04-5
Price: $10.00   

Sale:  $6.00

​Winnie Ruth Judd: The Trunk Murders The Classic Edition

The Holmes Boys:   Sherlock and Mycroft - Volume One: A Newshound Picks Up The Scent

Who's raising whom?

Shelley Ballard

Grab a tissue when you read The Tinker of Petros. The climactic battle of good vs. evil is that powerful. Combine one of Og Mandino’s books, such as The Return of the Ragpicker, with the creativity of C. S. Lewis, and you’ll have some idea of Shelley Ballard’s ability to elicit reader emotions. The publisher believes Ballard’s storyline will prove to be the foundation for one of the most powerful allegorical series written this century. He’s convinced that you will agree once you’ve read the encounter of Carl and Clovis in the walled city. The Tinker of Petros is Book One in the three-book series.

ISBN 978-0-943247-89-2
Price: $8.95

371 Days That Scarred

Our Planet

print editions 

The Hunting Season

The Peach Tree Limb 

Darwinian Delusion

Retreat From Rostov

Part One

The Submerging Church

Russ Miller with Jim Dobkins

There is a movement that is misleading hundreds of millions of Christians and seekers. Today’s Church is being sapped of its influence, vitality and sustainability. It is sinking, submerging like a leaky boat taking on water. This report reveals that to destroy true Christian faith, one must simply compromise or ignore the first few chapters of the Book of Genesis, especially the validity of a recent Creation. We expose the depth to which compromises with secular opinions have embedded themselves into the Submerging Church, and we explore what can be done and how you can be part of the solution. 

ISBN 978-0-943247-99-1
Price: $15.00

The Tinker of Petros

The Self-Publishing Formula 

Herbert Russcol with Nancy Oehmich-Russcol

A Docu-Drama based on historical fact, Palestine 1945-1948. This is a “politically incorrect” work by deceased author Herbert Russcol—“politically incorrect” because it presents the oftentimes brutal events of 1945-1948 Palestine from the viewpoint of Menachem Begin. Although he had worked for David Ben-Gurion’s Haganah, he came to have greater respect for Menachem Begin than he had for the paranoia-prone Ben-Gurion. He knew full well that it was Begin—not Ben-Gurion—who finally provoked the occupying British to retreat from Palestine. Russcol relays the truth about what really happened in those tumultuous years when Jews hunted down other Jews. 

ISBN 978-0-943247-05-2
Price: $20.00 

Swimming at Villa Hugel

Paul Hughes

Part Two - November 14 through November 24, 1941. Paul Hughes stormed onto the literary scene with Random House’s 1943 release of Retreat From Rostov, an incredible World War II melodramatic novel presentation of viewpoints from military participants, civilians and war correspondents on the famous battle which saw Hitler’s armies defeated for the first time.

ISBN 978-0-943247-39-7
Price: $14.95

Retreat From Rostov

Part two

Machine-Gun Man

A Parent's Guide to Effective Child Discipline

Larry Waldman, Ph.D.

Dr. Waldman says, “Let me assure you that there is hope. But let me also caution you that good parenting requires learning. which is what WHO’S RAISING WHOM? is all about. The knowledge and the tools to help you become a more effective parent are within these pages. It is up to you to put to use what you learn.”  One reader commented, "I feel like I've regained my sanity.  Thank you, Dr. Waldman."

ISBN 978-0-943247-29-8

Price: $14.95

Biblical foundations under siege - a nation's freedoms vanishing 

Russ Miller with Jim Dobkins

There is a war raging across America. The country’s heritage already is a victim. They want to destroy all evidence that predominantly Christian men founded the United States on predominantly Christian principles. Now they’re out to destroy the foundations that traditional United States freedoms are based upon. Is it too late to stem the tide? 

ISBN 978-0-943247-22-9
Price: $15.00

Mary Hanford Bruce

Dr. Sally accepts a Fulbright assignment to teach at a university in Yaoundé, Cameroon, Africa to get away from her past and find herself. She feels a strange attraction to Dr. Ako Ibo, a professor. Strongly disbelieving in magic, she nevertheless falls hopelessly in love with Ako. She realizes she is an unwitting tool in the planned assassination of President Biya and seeks escape from Ako. She has to find a way to flee from the country to save her life.

ISBN 978-0-9626148-6-6
Price: $14.95

The Holmes Boys: Sherlock and Mycroft - Volume Two:  

The Butler's Tale Continues

Paul Hughes

Retreat From Rostov Part One - November 4 through November 13, 1941. Paul Hughes stormed onto the literary scene with Random House’s 1943 release of Retreat From Rostov, an incredible World War II melodramatic novel presentation of viewpoints from military participants, civilians and war correspondents on the famous battle which saw Hitler’s armies defeated for the first time. 

ISBN 978-0-943247-36-6
Price: $14.95

Jim Dobkins & Ellie Gordon

Intrigue and mystery grow as a small band of adventurers circumvent international politics, smuggle themselves into Turkey, and uncover Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat. Set in the geographical area long considered a political powder keg, this is a tale of love, hate, fear and faith. An ex-movie queen, an avowed atheist who is a presidential candidate, an archeologist, a diplomatic attaché, and a criminal lawyer go on this secret mission to locate the Ark. 

ISBN 978-0-943247-03-8
Price: $5.95

The Tinker's Apprentice

Retreat From Rostov
Part three

Lindy V. Avakian

It was the most amazing murder trial of the 20th century. The events of the murder trial of the Armenian patriot Soghomon Tehlirian are told through the eyes of the man known as The Avenger. The world looks upon with horror the genocidal attack against the Jewish people during the reign of Adolf Hitler. Six million were murdered in the gas chambers. The parallel between the Jewish and Armenian Holocausts is striking, but few have heard of the inhuman acts committed by the Turks against a helpless Christian population—acts so unbelievably satanic as to revolt the sensibilities of decent people everywhere.

ISBN 978-0-943247-06-9
Price: $25.00

Jim Dobkins

So you want to publish your book? The Self-Publishing Formula is a nuts and bolts report that tells, step by step, how to get published in today’s digital-dominated world. And how to do so at rock-bottom costs for both e-book and print editions without sacrificing production quality. If you are an aspiring author who wants to get your first book published; a veteran author fed up with traditional publishing; or a small press publisher who could benefit from this business model . . . then this special report is for you. You can learn how to set up this self-publishing business model just by following the blueprint in The Self-Publishing Formula. It is the publishing model of the future that people in the know are using today. 

ISBN 978-0-943247-41-0
Price: $27.00  SALE PRICE:  $10

the cross and the crescent

Russ Miller with Jim Dobkins

Philosopher Malcolm Muggeridge stated in the Pascal Lectures, University of Waterloo, that: “…the theory of evolution…will be one of the great jokes in the history books of the future. Posterity will marvel that so flimsy and dubious an hypothesis could be accepted...” This report exposes the lies of Darwinism. The authors make a case strictly on how Darwinism stands up under the microscope of real science.

ISBN 978-0-943247-96-0
Price: $15.00

Jim Dobkins, UCS PRESS founder, co-author of twelve books and solo author of two books.

Remember the movie "Stand by Me"? The Peach Tree Limb is a collection of 50 anecdotes about adventures that Dobkins experienced from mid-1946 to October 1957. The author relives experiences in California as the son of a conman who served six prison terms and was married five times. Ranging from humor to serious, we go from Midnight the nanny goat baby-sitter to nearly driving the pickup off a cliff and getting the truck off the train tracks seconds before a freight train roars by, and a most unusual birthday present.

ISBN 978-0-943247-31-1
Price: $10.00 

My boss was the BTK killer

the ararat conspiracy

Dr. Sally's Voodoo Man

Mary Hanford (formerly Mary Hanford Bruce)

Mary Hanford was born in Washington D.C., a city noted for its international connections. Just before she turned ten years old, her father obtained an important diplomatic position in post-war Germany as head of the British/American Coal Commission. His offices were in Villa Hugel, the industrialist Krupp’s mansion. Because her parents were absorbed by diplomatic duties, Mary Hanford made close German friends and took them with her to the swimming pool in Villa Hugel. She acquired an international outlook and an awareness of moral ambiguities despite nationalities. 

ISBN 978-0-943247-78-6
Price: $14.95

Russ Miller with Jim Dobkins

What the stones and bones reveal might surprise you. This report refutes old-earth claims and shows that Planet Earth really is just thousands of years old as revealed in God’s Word, the Holy Bible. The authors do this through examination of the same evidences that are available to Darwinian-biased scientists and everyone else.

ISBN 978-0-943247-25-0

​Price: $15.00 

The Theft of America's


Mona Morstein

Mona Morstein has written a classical 19th century Victorian-style masterpiece that charts new ground in Sherlockian literature, revealing the childhood of Sherlock Holmes. Very few clues exist in the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about the childhood of Sherlock. Not even Dr. Watson was privy to such information. So secretive was the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes. After the believed death of the famous detective, Josiah Cobbett, a reporter for The Guardian, begins the daunting task of discovering the childhood of Sherlock Holmes. But why are people who know secrets shunning him?

ISBN 978-0-943247-44-1
Price: $14.95 

Larry Waldman, Ph.D.

How to develop, manage and market a flourishing mental health practice - with or without managed care. A vital message to mental health care providers. Every mental health professional faces one insurmountable barrier:  You cannot help the patient you never see. In graduate school you learned how to deal with emotional issues. But there’s one course you never took: How to get your patients in the first place. Marketing your mental health practice so you can help more people, increase your income, and enjoy a secure future.

ISBN 978-0-943247-97-7

Price: $18.95